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Sansevieria Bantel’s Sensation

Sansevieria Bantel’s Sensation

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About this plant

Plant Info:

It’s not completely clear even after reading the patent on Bantel’s Sensation is Gustav Bantel discovered this specific Sansevieria or if he created the plant himself. It is clear that this plant is not easy to find and strikingly beautiful. In Gustav’s notes it reads that he was wanting to achieve a Sansevieria that would show white variegation lengthwise on the stems rather than horizontal or mixed. Sansevieria are well known as snake plants and also for their ease of care and tolerance from low light levels. I love this plant and will bring one home for sure!!

Plant Care:

  • Low to high light. Will grow faster and healthier when given higher light. Sansevieria can tolerate all light levels
  • Water when soil is dry
  • Average home humidity
  • Average home temperatures 
  • Propagate by division or by stem cutting. Let the cutting dry out for two days before placing in water or other propagation medium