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Aglaonema - Golden Madonna - Chinese Evergreen 5 inch

Aglaonema - Golden Madonna - Chinese Evergreen 5 inch

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About this plant

Plant Info:

This Chinese Evergreen is called a golden Madonna because of its bright leaf pattern that is gold, grey, and yellow!  Chinese evergreen golden Madonna  is a wonderful starter plant to your office or any living space. It is tolerant to low-medium light and will thrive under artificial lighting. The design of the leaf pattern in this Chinese evergreen is stunning and full of texture and interest. 

Plant Care:

  • Medium  - low light
  • Water as needed based on what level of light Chinese evergreen is kept in. If in lower light water less
  • Enjoys humidity but not a must! 
  • Between 18 - 26 degrees - keep away from cold drafts
  • Propagate by root division
  • Use a complete liquid fertilizer or slow release fertilizer once or twice over the growing season.