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Aglaonema - Chinese Evergreen pink dalmation - 4 inch

Aglaonema - Chinese Evergreen pink dalmation - 4 inch

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About this plant

Plant Info:

Chinese evergreen is an easy care plant. This beautiful plant is a popular one that thrives in medium to low light. Chinese evergreen is very durable and great for beginners. This plant will even live happily under fluorescent lighting so great for the office. Remember to rotate your plant from time to time.

Plant Care:

  • Medium  - low light
  • Water as needed based on what level of light Chinese evergreen is kept in. If in lower light water less
  • Enjoys humidity but not a must! 
  • Between 18 - 26 degrees - keep away from cold drafts
  • Propagate by root division
  • Use a complete liquid fertilizer or slow release fertilizer once or twice over the growing season.