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Macodes Petola - Lightning Bolt Jewel Orchid

Macodes Petola - Lightning Bolt Jewel Orchid

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About this plant

Plant Info:

Lightning Bolt Jewel Orchid is a gorgeous little plant that has striking leaves that have a bold color with veins that resemble lightning bolt strikes!  Lightning bolt jewel orchid is not easy to find and is mainly grown for its foliage.  Lightning bolt jewel orchid has a reputation of being a slow grower and in need of humidity however, if given a spray fertilizer and the right watering conditions humidity and growth should not be a problem. Lightning bolt jewel orchid likes to have a lot of air flow so if planting in a terrarium ensure to open and allow a lot of air flow.  

Plant Care:

  • medium - high indirect light
  • keep soil damp and moist, do not overwater and do not let dry out
  • Humidity not necessary if following needed watering conditions, if not then add a pebble tray or a humidifier
  • keep plant above 18 degrees or it will get too cold!
  • Fertilize by spraying the leaves as orchids absorb nutrients through their leaves only