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Pothos Marble Queen  4 inch

Pothos Marble Queen 4 inch

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About this plant

Plant Info:

Pothos has got to be the most fun plant to grow. Pothos grows fast and can grow in a variety of different lights. It lives to vine and and be trained back into the pot to create a more bushy look. Pothos is very easy to propagate. Marble queen is a beautiful variegated variety that has a mix of white and green swirled along the top of the leaves. 

Plant Care:

  • Medium to bright indirect light
  • Water once the first two inches of soil is dry to touch. Ensure to water soil evenly, let drip dry over sink until all water has run out
  • Average home humidity 
  • Between 18 - 26 degrees
  • Easy to propagate! Snip in-between the nodes and pop in water
  • Fertilize bi-weekly or 1/4 strength during the growing season