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Joshua Tree - Yucca Cane - 12 inch 6 feet tall

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About this plant

Plant Info:

Joshua tree is an incredible tall yucca cane that has three tall very cool trunks.  Yucca is a popular indoor tree because it is easy to care for and hard to kill!  The leaves on this Yucca are long, strong, and sharp.  Yucca can grow up to 30 feet, but is a slow grower.  Yucca is a great plant to put outside for the summer to enjoy some of the gorgeous hot sun. Inside it will enjoy bright light but can tolerate bright indirect light, it will grow faster depending on the light given. 

Plant Care:

  • Yucca enjoys bright light and will do well in bright indirect light
  • Needs very little water, during the summer if in hot sun water and then only water again once the pot is fully dry. Yucca holds a lot of water it their trunks so it has a lot of reserve to go through before it is actually dry
  • average home humidity
  • Do not allow yucca to go below 10 degrees
  • mild toxicity level for pets
  • Use a complete liquid fertilizer or slow release fertilizer once or twice over the growing season.